The Chocolate Pot

Chocolate Mousse Pie with Chocolate Covered St...

One possible “Chocolate Pot” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“What is the ‘chocolate pot’?” you may be asking. I always remember the first time I heard someone refer to the “chocolate pot.” A friend of mine was telling me about a dog who had “landed in the chocolate pot” in his new home. He was being thoroughly loved and spoiled with endless TLC. A dog’s version of the “chocolate pot.”

As a (now-recovering) chocoholic, I immediately knew what she meant when she used the term. Images of floating in a luscious vat of smooth, creamy chocolate came to mind, along with every delicious chocolate dessert I’d ever enjoyed, from light and fluffy chocolate mousse to rocky road ice cream to éclairs to every other way one might enjoy chocolate. I even recalled the much-favored dessert at a local restaurant, possibly appropriately named (the dessert, not the restaurant) “Death by Chocolate.” It was beyond decadent and had, I suspect, about a million calories.

The chocolate pot – what a yummy place to imagine being, where you can eat as much as you want and never feel sick. The only experience is a heavenly, sumptuous chocolate-high, as often as one wants. Blissful sigh…

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